The journey begins…

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog!

My name is Haze and I am a self-proclaimed travel addict.  I am a wife, mom and entrepreneur.  Since my son left for college I have more time to travel and I’d love for you to share in my experiences as I make my way to beaches in the Pacific, Caribbean, the coasts of USA and other destinations around the world!  I’d love your feedback, as well, on other places to visit.  Last chapter was PTA, booster club and carpools and now my new chapter in life is travel, travel and MORE travel!

My blog name stems from my love for the ocean and beach as you’ll see in #missbluecrush Like everyone else, I have a bucket list but also a travel list of island/beach destinations I have to see.  As fortunate as I am to travel more, my constant dilemma is choosing between Jamaica or Hawaii?!  I LOVE both.  I’m from Oahu, Hawaii, loud and proud Kahuku girl, but because I love travel so much I always have to avoid choosing these two very beautiful places, in order to experience new and other beautiful places that exist all over the world.  In addition, my hubby is from Clarendon, Jamaica.  Yea mon, we are island people so it is no surprise as to why I love the beach so much!

Ultimately my goal is to provide information and inspiration to other travel dreamers and hopefully one day soon, organize girl trips for like-minded women to enjoy a breathtaking beach destination.  I am currently working on one so please stay tuned…


Haze- Blue Crush Travel


Pic:  Pillbox Hike Lanikai, Oahu– my 6am hike adventure!

4 thoughts on “The journey begins…

  1. So exciting!!! #travelgoals and maybe one day i’ll join you on one of your adventures! Can’t wait to read more!! 🙂


  2. Hey Hazel! Love your blog. My goal is to travel to Hawaii with you on one of your trips. Keep sharing your adventures with us✈️🏖



    1. Awe thank you! I will invite you and the family when I buy my house there, promise 😉 Thanks for reading. Have a lovely weekend. Happy Mother’s Day!!! XO


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