Carnival Cruise to the Bahamas


Carnival Victory Cruise- affordably priced and a really good time!

To be honest with you I’ve always wanted to try a cruise but my fear always held me back until one day I realized that I couldn’t let it hinder me from a great adventure.  Ever since I saw the movie Titanic it convinced me that I would NEVER go on a cruise.  The scene where everybody jumped off the ship as it sank horrified me! Then, along came a big birthday last year and I was all over it.  I did a ton of research and found out about all the great amenities, land excursions and of course my blue crush got me when I found one that went to Nassau, Bahamas!  It was a short cruise, I believe 3 nights since I wanted to test the waters, but I definitely had no regrets.  The cruise ship itself had endless entertainment, great food every day and the ship staff was excellent.  I had such a great time and now I’m ready for another one!

We flew into Miami and it stopped in the Bahamas for a day.  Blue Lagoon Island was gorgeous and we simply made it a beach day.  I know it’s only April but here I am counting down to my next cruise in December… JAMROCK CRUISE on the Royal Caribbean featuring the Marleys and other super talented reggae artists!  Stay tuned…

Please share your experience on a cruise.  Suggestions on one to try as well please!

Haze- Blue Crush Travel

Pic:  Port in Bahamas with the cruise ship





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