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Hello!  For those of you who travel quite frequently, I’m sure you’ve come across some troubling things that as a good samaritan you’d naturally want to bring to someone’s attention or help if possible.

Nothing disturbs me most than to see older travelers exposing their cash while traveling.  Whether they are from another country or not, we all know you always run the risk of being a victim if  you are not careful and aware of your surroundings at all times.  If you have elderly parents that travel please remind them to never expose extreme amounts of cash when traveling.  I’ve seen a couple holding an inch thick of cash and showing it as they pay for their tour tickets.  Oh my!

Here are a few of my tips:

Travel alerts– Always check ahead of time with your airlines or tourism board of where you are going, to be aware of any important news, i.e. crime rise in the area, hurricane watches etc.  Although we don’t want bad news to hinder our next adventure it’s always good to know than not.

RFID– When I was in Paris I noticed that apparently pick pocketing was something fairly common or an issue.  I heard the warnings on the intercom and saw small signs at the train station.  Once while riding the train, I saw a young man with his wallet exposed but I could not tell if he was a native or tourist.  I did not learn the phrase and my language translator probably would not have worked on the train.

Men, if you do travel with a wallet I’d advise it be attached to you on a chain or place it in your front pocket, never in the back.  I know that might look ridiculous but at least the likelihood of it getting stolen is slimmer or nonexistent.  Women should wear crossbodies or fanny packs that have the RFID technology in them.  It helps shield your personal information from getting into the wrong hands.

Security box– Always utilize your security box in your hotel room for passports, excess cash or jewelry that you should not have on you at all times.  Also, before leaving for your trip, always make copies of your passport, ID, credit cards and 800#s from the back of your credit or debits cards in case you have to report your cards lost or stolen.

Jewelry– Never wear flashy jewelry but if you do bring any with you, keep it locked up in your hotel room and only use it to your special occasion dinner at the resort if you choose.  I personally don’t like to look like a millionaire even if I am or not.  I leave the Movado and super nice 14k jewelry at home.  Just take precaution and it’s actually okay to look like a normal traveler/tourist with simple jewelry while you travel 😉

Solo traveling– If you are traveling solo you should always leave your hotel and flight information with a designated person from home.  If a family emergency occurs, they can reach you or leave a message.  If you don’t have wifi access and you don’t utilize your cell phone’s international plan, you can at least be reached in case of an emergency.

Travel insurance– In the case of an accident, during water sport activities or an unexpected illness, your hospital expenses will be covered and you can shift your travel dates if necessary, to stay at your destination longer if hospitalized.  There are several companies out there that provide this coverage or if you book on sites like Priceline or Expedia it may be presented to you at check out.

Language– I can’t emphasize enough how beneficial it is to learn the native language even if it’s just the top most used phrases to get by.  You don’t have to be fluent, just prepared enough to ask for help if you are lost or if you badly need to use the restroom.  If you have a small bladder like myself, nothing is more irritating than not knowing how to ask in the native language where the bathroom is and knowing that gestures you might try to convey in your question, will make you look like a pervert or just plain crazy!  Starting in June and through the end of the year, I will start a Language Fridays series on my blog.  I will include top phrases for several countries.  I hope you will find it helpful and interesting 😉

I hope you found my tips helpful.  If you can think of any others please leave a comment.  SAFE TRAVELS!

Haze- Blue Crush Travel

Pic:  View from my bed at Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas

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