Island vibes in your home

Those of you who left island living to pursue mainland dreams (U.S.) can definitely relate to this.  I try to go to Hawaii at least once a year but in the meantime just to stay connected I tune into Hawaii local news via web and of course, through family and friends.  But I’ve got three ideas that can also help you get into that island mood when you are too far away.

Backyard bliss– Now that spring is here and summer is around the corner, why not transform your backyard into an island oasis?  You don’t have to actually have a pool but maybe something as simple as a custom picnic table, a custom made fire pit and resin adirondack chairs to give your backyard that island vibe.

Artwork– I love island artwork.  V Knack are woodwork carvers from Hawaii.  If you are ever on the island of Oahu and make it to the swap meet at Aloha Stadium you will find them there.  They do excellent work.  They do custom work or you can pick from some of the samples they have displayed.  Seen above is my backyard with turquoise chairs from Home Depot, custom fire pit built by my dad and a picnic table I ordered from a designer off Craigslist.

One of my other favorite local artists from Oahu is Colleen Wilcox.  She makes beautiful aluminum prints.  Every time I have a customer come into my office they compliment her artwork and it’s always a great conversation starter.  My most treasured piece is the one I keep at home, signed by Colleen and musician Anuhea.  The two above are on my “next purchase list” 😉  Also, confirmed by the artist is a Memorial Day weekend sale.  Please check out her website if you are interested in buying her lovely art.

Music– Everyday when I get home from work I blast my playlist on my Bose bluetooth with all my favorite island jams.  Here’s a peek at what’s on my playlist in case you want to borrow mine:  Pandora music- JBoog radio, Nesian Nine radio and Bob Marley music.  With those three radio picks you get the best Jawaiian music playlist (Hawaiian reggae music with Jamaican reggae influence).

Therefore, if you are an island girl or dude who no longer has daily access to a beautiful beach, use my ideas to make something comparable to help you get through it until your next trip home!

Haze- Blue Crush Travel

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