Sint Maarten Beach Babe

One of the great things about travel blogging is meeting other bloggers and the continuous inspiration you get from them.  There is nothing more refreshing than to see parts of the world you wish you could visit one day and the high it gives you seeing the most beautiful views from others vacation pictures!  I am starting a series on my blog where I will be interviewing other bloggers or island residents from various beach destinations starting with the Caribbean and working toward the Pacific Ocean.  Today, I’d like you to meet Riselle from The Traveling Island Girl blog.  Enjoy her pics from her beautiful island.  It has definitely made my blue crush destination list!

I found Riselle when looking up Curacao bloggers.  I heard of the island while looking for my next birthday destination to visit this summer, but never knew much about it.  I found out that she was native to Curacao but has lived on Sint Maarten for 17 years.  Very intriguing I thought so I reached out to her and not to my surprise, she is as kind and sweet as an island girl could be 😉  I wanted to interview her to share her island life with my readers.  Please visit her site when you have a chance as well.

The first thing you should know is that the island is comprised of two sides.  The French side (Saint Martin) and the Dutch side (Sint Maarten).  She lives on the Dutch side.

Here are a few questions I asked Riselle…

How long have you lived in Sint Maarten?  February this year I celebrated my 17th year here.

Fave beach spot on your island?  We have 37 beaches to choose from.  One more beautiful than the other but I will have to go with Grand Case beach.  The water is most of the time calm and flat and you can see Anguilla in the distance.  Not to mention the charm of the Grand Case village itself.  It got hit badly by the hurricane but even in her current state, she remains beautiful.

Best top 3 must-see’s for first time travelers to your island…Obviously the planes landing over Maho beach although it’s a bit too touristy for my taste.  Grand Case village and beach plus lunch at the lolo’s.  Last but not least, the natural pool.

The best island destination you’ve been to in the Caribbean…Very hard question to answer.  I love love love Anguilla.  It is where I feel most at home and the beaches perfect but every Caribbean island I’ve been to has its own unique charm.  That is why I love exploring the Caribbean.  There are so many similarities amongst the islands, yet they are all so different.  You never know what you will find that will blow your mind.

The common misconception about island life?  That everyone just lazies around and that it’s all about the beach life.  There are times when weeks will go by without me setting foot on the beach.  I work and  have a home to take care of just like everyone anywhere else in the world.

Your favorite travel tip when visiting the Caribbean…Keep an open mind and don’t treat us islanders like we are less because we live on an island or because our accent sounds funny to you.  And please for F’s sake: say good morning, good afternoon or good evening when you enter/exit an establishment.

Thank you Riselle, for the insight into your island life.  I appreciate the honest answers and I’m sure my readers will too.  I hope to make it there one day soon!

Haze- Blue Crush Travel

Pics:  Aerial view of St. Martin, Grand Case Beach St. Martin, Port at Sint Maarten


4 thoughts on “Sint Maarten Beach Babe

    1. Caribbean or the Pacific…you can’t go wrong. So many beautiful beaches in the world but I’d have to say start there!


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