Blue Crush/Beach Lust: WEST PALM BEACH


So I had my first girls trip!  Just a few of us, but enough for it to still be a partayy!  We all flew in from Dallas/Fort Worth and it was the first time to West Palm Beach for the other three, except for myself.  I fell in love with Florida ever since I went to Destin.  From there I wanted to see as many beaches in Florida as possible, and I knew the ladies would enjoy a low-key, walkable area, close to the Palm Beach Jerk Festival we planned to attend on Memorial Day.

We stayed at the Residence Inn Marriott in Downtown West Palm Beach.  I chose this particular hotel because of the reviews I saw on and Tripadvisor.  No regrets!  The hotel was clean, nice, close to shopping and entertainment and the front desk was very hospitable and accommodating.  We ran into a rainy situation twice as we were leaving the hotel and none of us were prepared for a wet May in Florida, therefore we did not bring an umbrella.  However, when I asked the front desk if they happened to rent out umbrellas they kindly gave us two to use.  I was very pleased!  We were not going to let the rain stop us from going out or walking to nearby CityPlace and Clematis Street.  Shout out to Henry and Lydia at the front desk.  Thanks for the hospitality!

CityPlace is known for its shopping and entertainment.  We also went to the Palm Beach Outlets and both places met our shopping needs.  I people watched for about an hour in CityPlace while sitting at a Starbucks, enjoying my Strawberry Green Tea and Chicken Wrap.  It’s a pretty lively area with a great mix of shopping, restaurants and nightlife.

Nightlife- We danced the night away at Blue Martini on Saturday night. On Sunday, Clematis was full of young party goers so we ended up again, at Blue Martini and had drinks until about 2am.  On Monday night, the city was pretty dead so two of us just hung out and talked until about 2am in front of the hotel.  The area is pretty quiet and safe.

Palm Beach Jerk Festival– The event was moved indoors due to the rain that continued up to two weeks prior to our arrival, because of a tropical depression caused by Hurricane Alberto.  The food was good and so was the entertainment.  I would suggest music lovers to check it out if they appreciate Jamaican/Caribbean food and reggae music.  The event started at 2pm but we did not arrive until about 7pm, just in time to see Lust, Cocoa Tea and Busy Signal perform.  We had a great time!

Diva Duck is a land and water tour that takes you from West Palm Beach to the lagoon where you are taken for a intracoastal view of million dollar homes.  Toni, the tour guide, had a quirky sense of humor but I’m one to appreciate any type of humor over a monotone boring presentation!  It was a great tour.  I would definitely recommend it, if you are ever in West Palm Beach.


Catamaran Sunset Cruise– We had reservations but unfortunately, this cruise was cancelled due to the rain.  I will definitely check it out if I’m in the area again.

Benny’s on the Beach– On Sunday night, after swimming at Lake Worth beach during the day, we had dinner on the pier at Benny’s on the Beach.  The salt air makes it way through the restaurant and you hear the roar of the ocean beneath you as you enjoy a meal in a dimly lit restaurant.  The food was excellent!  We had the fish tacos, shrimp fest and shrimp and grits.  All were very delicious!

Amazing Feet Foot Salon- We all scheduled a massage combo on Monday morning.  It was amazing!!  We were all taken into a room where we were treated to a full body massage, with clothes on, along with a foot massage.  I suggest everyone check this place out, to unwind after an eventful day.  You won’t regret it.

The great thing about West Palm Beach is that we were in walking distance to shopping and entertainment.  The only time we took a lyft was when we had to go to the outlets and the beach, otherwise everything was in close range for a walk because of the hotel we stayed at.  If you are seeking a relaxing and laid back weekend getaway, go to West Palm Beach.  There is a lot to do in such a tight vicinity.  If you read my previous post about Palm Beach, you can also go there and go on a two-day cruise to the Bahamas out of Palm Beach port and incorporate a couple of days in West Palm when you return.  It is only twenty minutes between both cities.  If there is one thing I learned about organizing a girls trip, it’s to never assume the group wants a low-key relaxing time.  With this bunch, they were up for anything, especially dancing all night long!  I then suggested nightlife in Fort Lauderdale Sunday night, but the rain fell pretty bad that evening therefore we stayed in the area.  There’s always a next time 😉

I hope you enjoyed reading about our experience.  It was definitely a much needed getaway for all of us and what better place than a three-hour flight to the sunshine state!

Haze- Blue Crush Travel

Pic:  Blue Crush view from 35,000ft, Diva Duck tour West Palm Beach, FL


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