Piers- walkways to the ocean

I’ve been to a few piers in Florida and California, but I can’t wait to visit much more in the future!  Not only have I always felt piers are like a walkway to the ocean, I find them to be one of the most therapeutic places to chill and relax while on vacation.  Traveling period is therapeutic to me and very relaxing.  It always feels great to get away from the normal every day scene and visit somewhere new.  The world has so many beautiful places and there is so much to discover!

Pacific Beach Pier (Crystal Pier)- San Diego, California

This beauty here is older and a little scary to walk on if you have never been on a pier, but the view is gorgeous, as are all piers really!  The special thing about it as well, is it is home to Crystal Pier Hotel Cottages.  They are located right on the pier overlooking Pacific Beach.  It is open to the public, however private in the evenings for the cottage guests.  They advise you to book months out to ensure a room.  It has easy access to the boardwalk where you can rent bikes to take on a stroll.  The beach was not crowded when I went and I took a handful of pictures in the water.  Definitely a chill spot!  I loved the shopping as well.

Cocoa Beach Pier Cocoa Beach, FL (an hour outside of Orlando)

This pier gives you a great view of surfers and it dead ends with a bar.  It’s actually one of the cleanest and updated piers I’ve ever visited.  The pier has a restaurant, bar and some shopping.  I went for the first time during Super Bowl this year and it was overcast, but still a very nice place to relax.  The food at the restaurant was very good and the vibe great.  I did some shopping as well, and came home with a mermaid necklace and some artwork. The boutique on the pier had a great selection of dresses, artwork and souvenirs.

For those of you who visit Orlando and are seeking a beach nearby, this one is the closest and definitely worth checking out.  The new owners have done recent renovations therefore it is definitely one of the nicer piers that I’ve been to.  If you time it right you may get to see their annual surf contest and possibly the champion surfer Kelly Slater taking on some waves 😉

Okaloosa Island Fishing Pier Fort Walton Beach, FL

This is a very family friendly and fishers pier.  Mixed as well with shopping, bars, restaurants and sightseeing, this one is perfect for a family’s day out.  You pay $2 to get on the pier and if you’re lucky you’ll see dolphins as well. I bought a cute pair of flip flops, in the small souvenir shop, located by the pier.

Lake Worth Pier, Palm Beach/Lake Worth, FL

One of my faves so far!  For one, I really love the area.  Last time I went, we ate at Benny’s on the Beach, a restaurant on the pier.  The food there is so delicious and the service excellent!  I can’t wait to go back again.  They charge you if you want to fish or if you just want to sightsee on the pier, it is only $1.  I was lucky when I went the first time, the gentleman at the window did not charge me.  Free is always a sweet treat.

Here’s a couple I have not been to yet and can’t wait to visit, Chicago Navy Pier and Santa Monica Pier.  I have not made it to California in awhile so I think it’s about time!  Stay tuned…

Do you have any pier and boardwalk faves?  Please share below.  I’d love to visit more in the future, if I’m in a coastal state that has one you think I should go to.

Haze- Blue Crush Travel

Pics:  All from San Diego/Crystal Pier except bottom left (Lake Worth Pier in Florida)

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