Land and sea adventures on O’ahu and Barbados!

This summer I’ve been on a few land and sea adventures:  a snorkeling cruise, shark cage adventure, hike and zip line!  If you follow me on instagram you will see that I have a thirst for adventure and one of my travel goals include four zip lines, before the end of the year.  The Slotzilla in Las Vegas…DONE, Climbworks on the North Shore of Oahu…DONE, Orlando’s Gatorland zipline and the zipline at Mystic Mountain, in Ocho Rios.

My zip line adventure on O’ahu, Hawaii was by far the best thing I did on my last trip.  Climbworks Zip Line is hidden in Keana Farms off the highway in Kahuku.  In a group of about ten, we rode eight zip lines.  The first six were done facing forward and the last two got interesting!  We were asked to fall back first on the seventh and on the last, they showed us how to hang upside down.  I definitely tried both but the spiderman position was a fail so instead I ended up lying flat, looking crazy and nothing like what they showed us!  The views were spectacular and the jitters were gone by the time we reached our second zip line.  Jordan, Jordan and Henry, our zip line guides, did an awesome job at keeping us enthusiastic and comfortable along the way.  There are numerous water stations along the way and you’ll even get to try their farm grown tomatoes and bananas.  They were delicious!  Bring your camera or gopro, a definite must!  Otherwise, there will be an opportunity to buy photos in the end.  This is a definite must-do if you visit O’ahu!  Price- $169ea

My shark adventure was the one I was looking forward to the most but it was nothing like I expected.  I ended up with the worst snorkel mask that seeped water to my nose even though I breathed through my mouth, as you should with the normal gear but I think it was defective. The seal around the face was loose.  I however, made the most of it by going up for air regularly.  The waters were rough so the water kept seeping into the snorkel.  I probably would have had a better experience if I was not in a rush to get there and didn’t forget my full face mask at home.  This equipment would have been the most ideal to use so I can breathe normally and go to the bottom of the cage with no problems and for longer periods.  There was a group of about fifteen and we were divided into three groups to go down in the cage for twenty minutes each.  The first thing I would suggest is to take motion sickness pills, in case you get seasick.  I took two dramamine pills prior to getting on the boat.

The only thing I did not like about the experience was the ride coming back and going out to sea.  It was super fast and queasy.  It was as if we were in a rush or in a time crunch to get out three miles off the coast round trip then an hour total for all groups to get in the cage.  They had a tour every two hours, which made sense for the rush but what a time crunch.  It gave off the impression of profit-oriented than experience driven.  In addition, we were stationary for an hour so the boat rocked a lot.  If it wasn’t for me taking the pills, I probably would have thrown up on the boat.  In my opinion, a little history on sharks or Hawaiian marine life would have been great.  I believe every tourist would love to learn a little something about the culture or place they are visiting.  This would have been a perfect time to go over how Hawaiians or locals feel about sharks and/or tell us about the sharks that lurk out there in the Hawaiian waters.

I always wondered what it would be like to be close to sharks, in their element.  It was truly amazing!  I apologize if my review is a bit of a downer but overall the experience itself, being in their habitat and seeing them up close is an experience of a lifetime!  I tend to be a bit thorough or detailed about my experiences but all for your benefit 😉  For anyone who does not bring a waterproof camera or a gopro, they have an option to buy the footage for $70.  The captain has a gopro he uses to record while each group is in the water.  The cost for the adventure was $96 and they sell shirts and hats as well, for $20 each.  There is a military discount and kamaai’na rate as well (local discount).  The price of $96ea is pretty steep compared to $81 for the Barbados catamaran snorkeling cruise which covered five hours and a meal with unlimited drinks.  They do, however, provide snorkel masks and water.

In hindsight and for the best experience, do the following:  bring your own snorkel, waterproof camera or gopro, get there early and take motion sickness pills.

Hike–  If there is one thing I love about hikes on O’ahu, it is the reward of a breathtaking view in the end.  It can be tiring going uphill but in the end it’s definitely worth it!  I went on the Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail.  It was a slight incline but had about four stops along the way prior to reaching the lighthouse.  I was told the best time to go is at sunrise or at about 5pm when it’s cooler or if you want a better view.  The great thing about hikes in Hawaii are the views and they’re free, for the most part.  Some locations charge for parking.  If you do some research you’ll find there are many of them to discover, or email me and I’ll be glad to suggest a few.  My next two will be Diamond Head and Koko Head so stay tuned!

Snorkeling in Barbados was magical.  We were on the boat for about five hours, were served a great lunch and made two stops to snorkel, one at a shipwreck and the other at a coral reef.  It was money well spent.  The only suggestion I would have to make this trip better would be the opportunity to buy photos or footage of the snorkeling adventure.  Unfortunately for me, I forgot to buy a waterproof camera nor do I have a gopro.  A turtle swam up to me and I wasn’t able to capture the moment.  Lack of planning on my part, however I would have definitely spent money on extras.  I love souvenirs and always will buy a shirt if it’s available.  There was a crew of four and one joined us in the water so he could have taken photos of us swimming with the turtles.  Other than that, the cruise was a definite must-do in Barbados!  Price- $81ea

The best tip I have is to stay hydrated during a hike or if you are snorkeling because it can get exhausting.  As for the zip line, use the restroom first.  Lastly, on any boat trip, take motion sickness pills whether or not you get seasick just to be safe and bring your own gear.  If you don’t mind using a snorkel mask that many others have used then it’s not a problem but if you have and bring your own gear, at least you’ll be 100% comfortable.  It would already be adjusted to your liking and no one else has used it.  This is not my slight OCD, just a sanitary observation 🙂

Thank you for reading about my summer adventures.  Please feel free to share your favorite land and sea adventures, or give suggestions on where to go!

Haze- Blue Crush Travel

**Note:  all prices are USD

Pics:  Beach in Barbados, one of the many views at Makapu’u Point, zip line at Keana Farms and me in the cage as sharks lurked around us.

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