Majestic Banff


The beauty of the ocean is like none other but the mountains have their own spin on beauty and serenity.  I had the opportunity to enjoy it again on my latest trip to Calgary.

I’ve always wanted to learn how to ski but never have on my trips to Mount Charleston outside of Las Vegas, Colorado and Canada.  If you love to ski, I’d recommend the world renowned Aspen in Colorado or Banff in Canada.  Banff is a resort town in the province of Alberta, located within Banff National Park.

We stayed at Moose Hotel & Suites which is conveniently located on Banff Ave, close to shopping and restaurants.  The ambiance is welcoming and it has a modern cabin vibe.  In it are eclectic furniture and light fixtures.  The suite includes a gas fireplace that made the room cozy and welcoming.  Also worth noting is that this is one of the few in downtown Banff that are pet friendly.  I don’t have a pet nor have I ever traveled with a pet but this time we needed a place that would accommodate my sister’s cavapoo.  While calling at least four other hotels we found this one and it had great reviews.  On a rating it was not just fabulous, but exceptional!  They also had a rooftop pool and sauna with beautiful views of the mountains.

Attached to the hotel is the Pacini Italian Restaurant.  The food and service was great.  My sister & brother-in-law tried the ham pizza & meat lover pizza while I stuck to the traditional shrimp linguine and it was delicious.  They also have a bread bar and toast station that serves white and wheat breads and several different spreads.  I tried the flavorful garlic spread.  Our waiter was from Australia and he had service down to a tee.  He was very friendly and also offered to hold my newborn nephew as we ate, but we declined.  His service was awesome.

Close by are numerous souvenir shops and popular Roots and Billabong, all within walking distance in the small downtown area.  I found October to be an ideal time to visit as well.  It wasn’t as crowded compared to the last time I went during Christmas and New Year’s.

Nearby are picturesque Lake Louise and Lake Minnewanka.  Banff National is home to many lakes but these two I’ve visited and am familiar with.

Overall, Banff is a very nice place to visit.  There’s just something about the fresh air and mountain views that relaxes you.  And it’s great to see and meet so many different people from across the globe.

Please share your travels to places you’ve found to be majestic below.  I’d love to hear all about it!

Haze- Blue Crush Travel

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