Packing light for winter travels

I love warm weather because I can wear sundresses and flip flops or sandals YEAR ROUND!  Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of snow, can play in it for a short while but the cold, I have no desire to be in.

I traveled in February, to two places (Seattle and Las Vegas) that haven’t experienced icy conditions for quite some time therefore it caught the locals off guard and it made driving conditions a challenge as well. Seattle felt colder than when I went to Calgary for New Year’s a couple of years ago, and the wind chill in Las Vegas came pretty close to windy city Chicago.

Here are my personal tips on packing light for cold weather/winter travels:

  • Be selective with what coat you bring (one only). If you want to be fashionable I’d go with a short or long wool coat but if you want to pack extremely light, bring a puffer jacket.
  • Wear boots and limit it to one pair, so that you have more space in your luggage.
  • Bring a pair of gloves, scarf and beanie. Keeping your head, ears and neck warm will make all the difference.
  • Hard side suitcase, repels water and is more weather resistant than a soft side. There are many on the market that come in various colors and styles, no more basic black.
  • Keep carmex and lotion handy to avoid dry lips and hands.

Thank you for reading!  Please feel free to share your thoughts or winter packing tips below.  Look good & stay warm ; )

Pic:  Landing in Seattle, WA and Las Vegas, NV

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