Favorite and funny memories


I love that I have so many hilarious memories from my travels, and I’d love to share some with you!…

Hiking in Hawaii, at Lanikai Pillbox- After walking a good 20 minutes I said “oh my gosh this is a good hike cuz” and she said, “Cuz we haven’t even started yet.  The start is still a ways from where we parked”.  She started laughing and I said, “wow, I’m so out of shape”.  Then I saw a rope when we got to the start of the hike and I looked over at her and said, “what the heck is that?” and she said “you have to grab on to it to get up on the first part of the hill and I said, “OMG, what did I get myself into?!” and she just looked at me laughing!  One of my greatest memories with my cousin Theresa, the one who always makes time to have a beach or hike day with me when I’m home.  Love her!

Paris train- I remember walking to catch a train and we ended up on the wrong side of the tracks.  All of a sudden my friend and her son appeared on the other side and I thought, how the heck did they get over there? and she was waving for me to come over.  I looked at her crazy and said, “I am not going across!”, not knowing there was actually a pedestrian crosswalk on the train track.  The train operator was looking at me signaling that I could cross over and I just kept shaking my head thinking you guys are crazy, I’m not about to get hit by a train in Paris, but then I thought, if the train operator is telling me I can go then it must be safe.  I walked over after seeing the crosswalk and you could tell he wanted to laugh at me but held on to the biggest grin with a look on his face that said ‘wow, what a stupid tourist’.  My friend and I could not stop laughing…and all I could do was tell the operator “merci beaucoup” for letting me cross!

Reggae cruise 7 footer- This was the best cruise ever, great music and good times.  One of my funniest memories was of a 7 foot guy who stood in front of me during one of the performances.  I cannot believe he did not look around him before situating himself in front of a 5ft 2in lady who had been standing there for two hours?!  Guys, please be considerate…always look around you first to see who you might be blocking.  It is so wrong to block a shorty at a concert!

Rip tide in West Palm Beach and boob flash- I bought a new swimsuit and I wore it to the beach in West Palm.  The rip tides were bad but I got in the water and I remember being thrown here and there and I finally gave up.  I got up close to shore and why was everyone looking at me?  I boob flashed and didn’t even know it.  My swimsuit had that deep v in the front that opened up.  After that I was so embarrassed and had to tug on it constantly to make sure I didn’t flash anyone else.  Cute suit but not functional for swimming.  But sorry guys…no fake big boobs here, just the natural average ones! haha

App ride in Seattle- We caught a ride in a car that smelled awful.  When we were dropped off I turned to my friend and said, “Oh my gosh did you smell that? His car smelled like fart and pumpkin spice.”  She said, “maybe he farted before we got in the car and sprayed it with pumpkin spray”.  Hahahahaha, good one Gaynia!  Drivers, please always keep your car smelling fresh and it doesn’t hurt to keep it clean and tidy as well.

Do you have any hilarious moments from your travels?  PLEASE SHARE BELOW! 🙂  I’d love to hear about them.

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2 thoughts on “Favorite and funny memories

  1. I slipped and fell during a girl trip/best friend hike and took three down with me. I thought it was funny but they didn’t. HAAHAA they got over it!


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