Blue crush/Beach lust: Aruba


I had such a grand time in Aruba and I wish to return someday!  But next time I’ll organize it better to where I make a stop to two other islands nearby, Bonaire and Curacao.  Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao are known as the ABC islands. 

With my move back to Hawaii, my days are numbered on visits to east coast beaches and the Caribbean.  I don’t think I’ll have the patience to fly east as often with such a long flight.  However, my very favorite Jamaica will always have me reconsider the long flight.

The first time I heard about Aruba was from the Beach Boys song in my very younger days but most recent when I was watching an episode of Caribbean Life.  They featured a Canadian couple who were house hunting and trying to escape the Canada cold.  I was sold.  I knew I had to go!


->Hurricanes rarely touch Aruba’s shores and it consistently ranks as having the least amount of rainfall in the Caribbean.  It is the sunniest of all Caribbean islands but the craziest thing was it rained two days in a row while we were there.  One tour guide thought it was ironic, especially after he told us it almost never rains.

->There is cactus everywhere so it reminded me a lot of Arizona.

->The island is only 18 miles north of Venezuela and it is 20 miles long and 6 miles on the widest points.

Here is what I did when I was there:

We stayed at Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino.  The hospitality on the resort was superb and the property was gorgeous galore!!  It was hard to leave.  The restaurants on property had great food.  We experienced it at La Vista Restaurant where we had brunch and we frequented Waves Bar & Grill.  I had the virgin Pina Colada, the best I’ve ever had, and the cocunut shrimp appetizer a handful of times!

The only shopping we did was at the property’s jewelry store Columbian Emeralds.  It was the same store we shopped at while at Hilton Barbados.  I walked away with a new bracelet, a sweet birthday gift from hubby.

We swam at two beaches, Palm Beach on the hotel property and Baby Beach.  Palm Beach is nestled on the resort and we went every day for a few hours at a time.  They emphasized the use of sunblock and after day one we knew why.  The only time I’ve ever gotten a beautiful tan is in Hawaii.  It’s great being close to the equator on both ends!  The sun is generous with its heat and the aftermath is a sun-kissed glow to my skin.  Baby Beach is a shallow, sheltered man-made lagoon located on the southeast end of the island of Aruba.  We were able to make the trip on the south side of the island through our full day island tour.  I loved the calm waters at Palm Beach.  It was almost like being in a ocean pool of calm waters and the turquoise color was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.  Baby Beach was also shallow but it was much windier and it was not as pristine as Palm Beach.

Parasailing– We were up for no more than fifteen minutes but the view was breathtaking!  A definite must, along with the catamaran cruise if you visit Aruba.  It was a sight to see and our guides were great.

Sunset Catamaran Cruise– It lasted two hours and it was fun.  We sailed down the coast and was able to see all the hotels on shore.  The vibe was great.  We met an older couple who own a timeshare and go there every year to celebrate their anniversary.  The tour guides were great and showed us a good time.  A little bird told them it was my birthday so the captain sent a shout out then along came several other Leos who wanted to steal the show stating it was their birthday too, so then 8-10 of us were pulled up to dance and sung happy birthday to. It was hilarious but there you go with those August birthday people!  We just love a good time especially when we are the center of it wink wink

Full island tour (6-1/2 hrs)- We saw the entire island and one of my faves was the Alto Vista Chapel in Noord.  It was a beautiful little church overlooking the ocean.

We had my birthday dinner at Faro Blanco Restaurant.  It is an Italian restaurant at the foot of the California Lighthouse landmark.  The sunset view was amazing and the food was delicious!

My experience in Aruba was all that I dreamt it to be.  We probably could have done more but my goal was ultimate relaxation as a beach sloth, mission accomplished ; )

The locals are extremely welcoming and have such pride in their little island.  Every local we met was a walking billboard for their island country.  Another great birthday trip to remember and that is what I have to say I love most about the Caribbean, the people and the beautiful waters.  All shades of blue makes me go ga-ga!!


Hazel- Blue Crush Travel

Pics:  Sunset at Palm Beach, The Lighthouse (Faro Blanco Restaurant), beach view from La Vista Restaurant and another day at Palm Beach.

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